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Social media gives consumers power they’ve never had before. Customers can now post how they feel about a business (good or bad) for the whole world to see, thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Google. While this can be scary for employers, it’s also an opportunity to establish brand loyalty. Tracking trends is a must in a highly competitive industry – if you want to stay relevant. Recently, Oryx jumped on the social media bandwagon. Now, clients and employees alike can read about what’s going on at our companies. Not to mention, we can reach multiple media outlets with our latest company news to further establish our online presence. It’s a form of strategic and affordable marketing to get the brand out there.

Oryx isn’t the only company to beef up their social media game– many of our current and potential clients already use social media. Now, we can stay connected and strengthen our relationship with current and potential clients and other brands.


Since there is more of a connection between clients and business, companies need to have a strong social media presence in order to respond appropriately to the dialogue. For example, in 2014 an unhappy customer called Comcast’s customer service to get some help with their connection. The customer service representative was rude and unhelpful to their client, so the client recorded the entire conversation and posted it on YouTube. Comcast felt the surge and power of social media when the client’s conversation went viral and received a backlash from other users. Suddenly, Comcast’s brand became synonomous with terrible customer service – and this problem continues to plague them today.  Comcast is still rated as having the worst customer service department nearly 4 years later.

Not only does social media help Oryx reach clients and vendors, it also allows employees and others to reach out to us. If there’s an idea you want to share, some news you’d like us to see, or concerns you have about a topic, feel free to send us a private message on our social media channels. Social media allows for Oryx to be online 24/7, which guarantees you a response within 24 hours.


Social media is very much like speaking to someone in real life, except that multiple people can read or see what you’re saying at the same time. When using social media,  one should remember that anything posted publicly online can and will be seen by several others. Use caution when posting comments or reviews on social channels, especially if your name or our company’s name is attached to it. Just like in real life, anything offensive you say can’t be taken back and people will always remember it.  Use your social media powers for good and not evil.


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