In The Spotlight Q4

At Oryx and Kodiak, hard work and determination go a long way. To show appreciation, directors nominated employees who go above and beyond their job expectations. Read further to see who is “in the spotlight” this quarter.

Dante Ovalle — Dante works in the Oryx business unit and was nominated by Ryan Fray because, “[he] is an employee that always delivers results.  He continues to be a major contributor to the success of our team. His work is accurate, thorough and timely.”

Ryan continued, “Dante doesn’t complain, he just works hard.  His growth in responsibilities is due to his high productivity and willingness to learn new things.  We are very fortunate to have an employee with Dante’s skill and potential.”

Jonathon Rooney — Jon is part of the Safety Team in the People, Compliance & Communication Department. Brandon McCurry states that, “Rooney has demonstrated great safety leadership abilities for Oryx/Kodiak. Rooney has recouped funds by auditing material management/documentation for Kodiak jobs. He has written over 66 safety policies/procedures to keep Oryx/Kodiak in compliance with ISN and other Client Management Sites. Rooney also wrote the Oryx QMS Manual for us to pass a ConocoPhillips Quality audit for GCBU and he helped to get our pressure vessel stamps. Now he is currently writing a QMS manual for Kodiak.”

Jesus Gaitan— Jesus works in the Accounting Department where,  “[he] has continued to grow as a member of the Accounting team and has been willing to take on some complex tasks with regard to the insurance-related items on the P&L.  He has also shown a willingness to learn and adapt to the drastic system changes between Quickbooks and SAP,” says Lee Stanley.

Will Klindworth — Will is a member of the KEU team and as Tim Crawford mentioned, “Will deserves this award, because he has put in a lot of hours and hard work. His dedication is unsurpassed by others.”

Grayson Williams — Grayson works in Assurance and “He is dedicated to his job 100% – will stay as long as it takes to get the job done,” says Bobby Barwick, “[Grayson] will always stop working on what he is doing to help anyone who needs anything at all, no matter how small the task [and] he is focused at making this a better company each and every day.”

Randy Mabie (not pictured) — Randy is a member of the Kodiak Trenching and Boring team. He was nominated for “coming into a new organization and having a ‘ no challenge is too big’ attitude,” says Tim Crawford.

Congratulations to all the Fourth Quarter winners!